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Uninstall ArcGIS Data Store

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You can uninstall ArcGIS Data Store either with a user interface (UI) or silently. Follow the steps in one of the sections below to uninstall.

Uninstall with user interface

  1. Log in as the account that was used to install ArcGIS Data Store.
  2. Browse to the root of the ArcGIS Data Store installation directory and launch the uninstall_ArcGISDataStore script.
  3. In the uninstaller, click Uninstall to proceed with the uninstallation of ArcGIS Data Store.
  4. When the uninstallation is completed, click Done to exit.

Uninstall silently

To run a silent uninstallation of ArcGIS Data Store, use the following command line syntax:

<ArcGIS Data Store installation directory>/uninstall_ArcGISDataStore -s