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Installing ArcGIS Enterprise Builder silently

ArcGIS Enterprise Builder can be installed without a user interface by running the setup using command line parameters

Installation command line parameters

The following are the setup command line parameters to be used when installing ArcGIS Enterprise Builder silently. The following are a minimum of what is required to run the Enterprise Builder Setup silently.

-m silent This will specify the run mode as silent.

-l yes This parameter is required. This will accept the master agreement.

-s /path/to/server.prvc This parameter is used to provide the location of the ArcGIS Server authorization file.

-p /path/to/portal.prvc his parameter is used to provide the location of the Portal for ArcGIS authorization file.

For example, to run the Setup silently: ./Setup -m silent -l yes -s /path/to/server.prvc -p /path/to/portal.prvc

There are additional parameters that can be used. To see a complete list run the ArcGIS Enterprise Builder setup with -h for help.