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ArcGIS for INSPIRE release notes

The 10.6 release of ArcGIS for INSPIRE introduces the following enhancements in addition to bug fixes:

  • Updated ArcGIS for INSPIRE to work with ArcGIS Desktop 10.6 and ArcGIS Server 10.6.
  • Improved support for the common INSPIRE validator (v1.0.0), including tests for the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines on metadata (v1.3), download services (Atom and WFS), and Annex I data themes. For more information on the INSPIRE validator, see For known limitations, see
  • Added geodatabase templates for the following INSPIRE data themes: Environmental monitoring Facilities, Natural risk zones, Population distribution and demography, and Sea regions.
  • Added operation capabilities for Environmental monitoring Facilities and Population distribution and demography data themes, including capabilities for view services and download services based on geodatabase templates for harmonized data.
  • Upgraded the included Esri Geoportal Server to version 1.2.9. For more information, see Geoportal Server Version 1.2.9 What's New.
  • Added support for installing ArcGIS for INSPIRE in ArcGIS Server deployments that are federated with Portal for ArcGIS. Support is limited to INSPIRE services that are shared with everyone.

Standards and conformity features included in INSPIRE


  • Aligns with ArcGIS Server system architecture
  • Multilingual support for all components: INSPIRE network services, administration/configuration pages, and INSPIRE desktop tools
  • Administration/Configuration user interface (UI) within ArcGIS Desktop (ArcCatalog) and ArcGIS Server Manager (web)

INSPIRE view services

  • Implementation of INSPIRE view services following the Technical Guidance for the Implementation of INSPIRE View Services version 3.1
  • Support for the GetFeatureInfo operation returning an INSPIRE–conforming GML response on INSPIRE layers
  • Support for Web Map Service (WMS) profile as described by Technical Guidance View Service 3.1
  • Support for Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) profile as described by Technical Guidance View Service 3.1
  • Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) support for Annex I INSPIRE layers
  • Support for INSPIRE style (SLD based) and custom style (ArcMap .mxd)
  • ArcMapINSPIRE tools for analyzing INSPIRE–compliant geodatabase layers, allowing you to immediately add those to your map document
    • Combined knowledge about INSPIRE data models and Esri geodatabase implementation
    • Create relates and joins automatically
  • Automatic support for all relevant INSPIRE reference systems
  • Support for all capabilities/metadata extension elements
  • Display of INSPIRE layers in capabilities metadata; hides technical geodatabase layers
  • Layer scale dependencies support (see CustomizationGuide_ArcGISForINSPIRE_LayerInfo_10_6_EN.pdf)

INSPIRE feature download service

  • Implementation of INSPIRE feature download direct access service following Technical Guidance for the Implementation of INSPIRE Download Services (version 3.1) based on OGC Web Feature Service 2.0
  • Full support of INSPIRE data models and GML output
  • Feature server configuration for geodatabase and INSPIRE XML schema models
  • OGC WFS 1.1.1 and 2.0.0 interface
  • Ability to create stored queries and GetFeature through stored queries (if enabled by the administrator)
  • Ability to manage stored queries (if enabled by the administrator)

INSPIRE feature download service: predefined dataset service

  • Implementation of INSPIRE feature download predefined dataset service following the Technical Guidance for the Implementation of INSPIRE Download Services (version 3.0)
  • The functionality to execute stored queries specified by the user as an extension to the feature download service

INSPIRE discovery service

  • Implementation of INSPIRE discovery services following the Technical Guidance document 3.1
  • Improved metadata editor supporting validation and editing of unbounded multiple instances of metadata elements

INSPIRE Annex I data models—geodatabase template implementation

  • Esrigeodatabase XML schema for INSPIRE Annex I data themes
  • XML/HTML documentation on geodatabase structure

INSPIRE Annex II/III data models—geodatabase template implementation

  • Esri geodatabase implementation and documentation for INSPIRE Annex II Land Cover theme (LandCoverNomenclature and LandCoverVector schema) and Geology theme (Geology schema).
  • Esri geodatabase implementation and documentation for INSPIRE Annex III Land use, Mineral resources, Statistical units, Buildings, Habitats and biotopes, Soil, and Species Distribution themes, Environmental monitoring facilities, Population distribution and demography.

Known limitations

View service: GetFeatureInfo on mixed layer documents

An INSPIRE GetFeatureInfo view service request on more than one query layer, that includes both INSPIRE layers and non–INSPIRE layers, returns the response regarding INSPIRE layers only.

View service: use of INSPIRE SLD files

INSPIRE data specifications contain visualization rules that cannot be expressed in SLD documents (see ProtectedSites layers).

If INSPIRE does not find an SLD document for a specific layer, it will use the defined ArcMap visualization rules for both the INSPIRE_COMMON:DEFAULT style and default styles.

View service: WMTS-based view service capabilities

The direct link to the language-specific capabilities document available in the REST services directory returns the default language (for example, http://my agsserver:6080/arcgis/rest/services/AnnexI/AB/MapServer/exts/InspireView/WMTS/FRE/1.0.0/WMTSCapabilities.xml).

Use the language parameter to access the language-specific capability document (for example, http://my agsserver:6080/arcgis/rest/services/AnnexI/AB/MapServer/exts/InspireView/WMTS/FRE/1.0.0 /WMTSCapabilities.xml?language=FRE).

INSPIRE geodatabase: arcs in cadastral parcel features

In the Cadastral Parcels theme, nonlinear interpolations are allowed (circular arcs). In this release, only geometries with linear interpolations in accordance with the Simple Feature standard (ISO 19125-1) are supported.

ArcCatalog configuration page of INSPIRE services displays a black square

In rare cases, when invoking the INSPIRE service extension configuration page of ArcCatalog, the panel displays a black square.

Use the JavaConfigTool to disable DirectDraw. The tool can be found at: <installation>\ArcGIS\Desktop10.1\Bin\JavaConfigTool.exe.

  1. Uncheck Use default.
  2. Add the string -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true to the Java VM arguments text field.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Restart ArcCatalog.

Running INSPIRE view services on a geodatabase file with administrative boundaries

The previous release of INSPIRE introduced a way to dynamically qualify layer definition queries with schema and user name if such a query contains references to other tables.

An example of such a query is as follows:

"IFCID IN (SELECT RID FROM {0}auAdmBoundaryL_nationalLevel where nationalLevel = '5thOrder')"
The placeholder string {0} will be replaced with a qualifying string when creating an ArcMap layer. As file geodatabases do not need a qualifying prefix, the placeholder will be replaced by an empty string. The software does not recognize this on service startup and won't enable this layer as an INSPIRE layer.

Do not run INSPIRE AdministrativeBoundary layers on your file geodatabase or update the definition query by replacing the {0} placeholder in your file geodatabase.

The following LayerInfo table entries are affected:


The value of field def_query should be the following:

"IFCID IN (SELECT RID FROM auAdmBoundaryL_nationalLevel where nationalLevel = '1stOrder')"
"IFCID IN (SELECT RID FROM auAdmBoundaryL_nationalLevel where nationalLevel = '2ndOrder')"
"IFCID IN (SELECT RID FROM auAdmBoundaryL_nationalLevel where nationalLevel = '3rdOrder')"
"IFCID IN (SELECT RID FROM auAdmBoundaryL_nationalLevel where nationalLevel = '4thOrder')"
"IFCID IN (SELECT RID FROM auAdmBoundaryL_nationalLevel where nationalLevel = '5thOrder')"
"IFCID IN (SELECT RID FROM auAdmBoundaryL_nationalLevel where nationalLevel = '6thOrder')"

Feature download service: download data not included in the MXD file

When publishing the feature download service, three stored queries are created by default to facilitate simple download of a predefined dataset, through stored query urn:x-ii:def:query:OGC-WFS::GetDatasetByCrs, even though the capability response only lists those layers that are available for download, and does not list other layers in the database. However, if the user knows the database, it is possible to download data that is not included in the .mxd file but in the same database through the service.

The current workaround is to delete the default stored query and create your own customized query.

WMTS service legend URL different from that used by ArcGIS Server WMTS

Currently, the INSPIRE WMTS service capability legend URL refers to the default INSPIRE style, while the WMTS service tile generation is based more on ArcMap symbology and does not recognize the INSPIRE default style. This leads to an inconsistency between WMTS map symbology and the legend URL in the capability response.

The current workaround is to customize the WMTS map symbology and tile generation to use the default INSPIRE style; the legend URL can also be customized.

INSPIRE download service requires an enterprise geodatabase

Currently the INSPIRE download service requires an enterprise geodatabase such as Oracle, SQL Server, or PostgreSQL. It does not work with geodatabase files.

Use an enterprise geodatabase such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, or SQL Server.

Atom download service get spatial dataset operation is redirected to the wrong URL when using ArcGIS Web Adaptor

When using the ArcGIS Web Adaptor, the URL returned by the get spatial dataset operation for the ATOM download service may be incorrect, specifically the prefix section of the URL.

The workaround is to copy the downloadable file into the ArcGIS Web Adaptor domain, make it available (for example, http://webadaptordomainname/, update the dataset ATOM XML accordingly, and republish the service.

INSPIRE download service GetCapabilities post operation gives a blank response if both caching and streaming are set to true

For INSPIRE download service, when both caching and streaming are set to true, the GetCapabilities post operation gives a blank response while the get operation is working properly.

The workaround is to set either cacheGetCapabilities or streamingEnabled to false using the ArcGIS Server REST admin page for the service (for example, http://my agsserver:6080/arcgis/admin/services/servicename.MapServer).