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WMC Client

WMC Client

Download: See the Geoportal Server WMC Client GitHub site to download the latest version of the WMC Client.

The WMC Client allows for a Web Map Context (WMC) file to be opened directly in ArcMap. WMC files adhere to the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specification and have the extension ".cml", "wmc", or "xml". WMC files provide pointers to remote accessible data, specifically Live Data and Map resources. Please note that OGC Web Feature Services (WFS) are only available in ArcMap when the Esri Data Interoperability extension is installed and enabled. For example, if there are WFS layers in the saved WMC document, the display of these layers will be dependent on the Data Interoperability extension.

Install WMC Client

The following are steps to Install the WMC Client and add it to the toolbar in ArcMap.

  • Download the latest version of the WMC Client from the Geoportal Server WMC Client GitHub site.
  • Installation
    1. Run the setup.exe for the WMC Clients.
    2. Follow the instructions in the wizard.
  • Add the WMC Client to a Toolbar in ArcMap
    1. Start ArcMap.
    2. Click Customize > Customize Mode. The Customize window appears.
    3. In the Customize dialog, select the Commands tab.
    4. Scroll down through the list of Commands and select Geoportal. Select the WMC Client icon
      under the Commands list on the right, and drag the icon to a toolbar in ArcGIS Desktop.
    5. After dragging the icon, click Close to close the Customize window.

Use WMC Client

WMC files are created either by saving the file through map viewing clients that support the WMC format, or by creating the WMC file through an XML editor. Instructions below assume that you have a WMC file that you want to use in ArcMap.

  1. Open ArcMap and click the Open WMC Document button
  2. Enter the filepath to your saved WMC file, or click Browse and navigate to the file
  3. Highlight the file and click Open
  4. Once the file name is transferred to the Open Web Map Context Document dialog, click Open again
  5. Click Close when you have finished opening WMC files and want to exit the tool
ArcMap will connect to the services referenced by the WMC file and create new layers for each service in its map display. For logging information, see The WMCOpener.log for the WMC Client.

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