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Adding point events by coordinate location

Point events such as anomalies can be represented as a single point event, with the measure information along the route. The Add Point Events widget allows users to create new point events by typing or selecting its x- and y-coordinates on the map.

Adding point events by coordinate location

If the coordinate location does not fall on the selected route, then a point on the route that is nearest to the coordinate location is chosen to locate the event.

  1. Open Event Editor and, if prompted, sign in to Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online.
  2. Click the Edit tab.
  3. In the Edit Events group, click the Point Events button Point Events.

    The Add Point Events dialog box appears.

    Add Point Events dialog box

    If there are no editable point event layers, the dialog box is disabled.

  4. Click the Event Layer drop-down arrow and choose an event layer to edit.
  5. In the Location section, click the Method drop-down arrow and choose the first option (with the suffix Network).
    Locate the measure by coordinates
  6. Input the x- and y-coordinate values for X and Y, or select a coordinate by clicking the Select an XY Location on the Map tool.

    If the Route ID is specified, the route measure closest to the original coordinates will be selected, and its distance from the route will be displayed. To display the location of your coordinates, select Show XY Location.

  7. Optionally input a value in the GC Factor text box if relevant.

    This will adjust the coordinates by dividing X and Y by the value specified for GC Factor.

  8. Select a coordinate system by clicking the Coordinate System drop-down arrow and choosing an option:
    • LRS Map Service—The spatial reference of your LRS Network.
    • Web Map Spatial Reference—The spatial reference of your basemap.
    • GCS_WGS_1984—A geographic spatial reference using units of degrees.

    Additionally, you can configure different coordinate systems by specifying the Well Known ID (WKID) in the configuration file of your Roadway Characteristics Editor. For more information, see Configuring the Event Editor (EE) web application.

    • A yellow square is shown at the x,y coordinate location if Show XY Location is checked.
    • A red cross is shown on the route at the location of the point event.
  9. Choose the date that will define the start date of the event.
    • Click the Start Date drop-down arrow to choose the start date using a calendar.
    • Check the Use route start date check box to use the start date of the routes.

    The start date defaults to today's date, but you can choose a different date using the date picker. The end date is optional, and if it is not provided, the event remains valid now and into the future.