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About the ArcGIS Portal Directory

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The ArcGIS Portal Directory is an interactive view of the ArcGIS REST API's resources for working with the portal. There are two web applications with different URLs that you'll use to browse the capabilities of the portal and execute operations.

The available tasks vary between URLs, as described below.


Accessing the ArcGIS Portal Directory over the URL allows you to perform certain administrative functions not available in the portal website. You'll primarily use this URL to do the following:

  • Query, view, configure, and delete portal logs. For example, log messages associated with events such as installing and upgrading, editing your organization, publishing, content and item management, and security workflows, can all be viewed by logging in to the ArcGIS Portal Directory as an administrator of your organization. The ArcGIS Portal Directory aggregates the log messages into a table you can read and manipulate. See About portal logs for details.
  • Update your portal's identity store to use LDAP or PKI.
  • Configure if users in your organization are automatically added as members in the portal when logging in with their enterprise credentials.
  • Unregister ArcGIS Web Adaptor IIS, Java Platform (Windows), or Java Platform (Linux) with your portal.
  • Change the location of the portal content directory.
  • Disable access to the ArcGIS Portal Directory.


Accessing the ArcGIS Portal Directory over the URL allows you to perform the following:

  • Add and remove users from groups.
  • Upload and publish items.
  • Search items.
  • Federate one or more ArcGIS Server sites with your portal.
  • Designate a federated server as the portal's hosting server.