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Install ArcGIS Data Store

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Once you have an ArcGIS Server site that you want to use for your portal's hosting server, install ArcGIS Data Store

Install ArcGIS Data Store

Run the ArcGIS Data Store installation wizard and complete the steps in the configuration web application to set up a primary machine for a data store and register it with ArcGIS Server. Alternatively, you can run the installation from a command prompt.

Verify that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for ArcGIS Data Store, and then follow the instructions in the appropriate section for the method you want to use for installation. Note that you cannot install ArcGIS Data Store as a root user.

Run the installation wizard

Run the ArcGIS Data Store installation wizard for an interactive installation experience.

  1. Run the setup program from the ArcGIS Data Store download folder or setup media. The setup program begins by checking the prerequisites that must be met to successfully set up and use ArcGIS Data Store. If your system does not meet any of the prerequisites, follow the instructions in the dialog box to correct any issues.
  2. If all prerequisites are met, the Introduction dialog box displays. Click Next to proceed.
  3. On the License dialog box, read the license agreement. If you accept the terms, click the I accept the license agreement button and click Next to proceed; otherwise, exit the setup by clicking Cancel.
  4. On the Choose Install Folder dialog box, specify the installation location. Click Next to continue.
  5. Review the summary information and click Install to begin the installation.
  6. When completed, click Done to exit the wizard.

Run from terminal

Follow these steps to install ArcGIS Data Store from a command prompt:

  1. Before beginning the installation, read the license agreement located at <CD_ROOT or untar directory>/Documentation/EULA.pdf and accept the terms.
  2. Run the setup silently at the prompt. See sample syntax below:

    <CD_ROOT or untar directory>/Setup -m silent -l yes

Command line options:


-m; --mode MODE

Optional. Defaults to GUI.

MODE is one of the following: silent or gui.

-l; --license-agreement CHOICE

Required for silent mode. CHOICE is either Yes or No.

Yes indicates that you have read and agreed to the Esri License Agreement (E204, E300). Visit to read the license agreement.

-d; --directory DIRECTORY

Optional. By default, Portal for ArcGIS will be installed in the user's $HOME directory. DIRECTORY specifies a different installation directory.

The path /arcgis/datastore will be appended to the installation directory.

-v; --verbose

Installer runs in verbose mode.

-h; --help

Displays command line help and exits.

-e; --examples

Displays usage examples of these options and exits.

Next step

After you install ArcGIS Data Store, you can create a data store.