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Classic Viewer

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The Classic Viewer provides a simple user interface that enables you to visualize and summarize data in an ArcGIS web map using a variety of tools. It also allows users to edit data if the web map contains an editable feature layer.


You are encouraged to use the Map Tools template instead, as Classic Viewer may be retired in a future release.


You can configure the app using any of the following options:

  • Map: Choose which web map to use in your application.
  • Color scheme: Choose a color scheme for the application.
  • Show title: Choose whether to include an application title.
  • Title: Specify the application title. The default title is the web map name.
  • Logo: You can include a custom logo for your application.
  • Overview map: Choose to include a retractable overview map to add context for panning and zooming.
  • Legend: Choose to display a legend for the layers included in the web map.
  • Details: If your web map includes a description, you can display it within the application.
  • Editor: Include the Editor pop-up if you want application users to interactively create, modify, or delete features in the editable layers included in the web map.
  • Time slider: Enable a time slider so app users can easily view data changes over time.
  • Print: Enable printing the current extent of the map. You can configure the printed map to include a legend and specify different layout options.
  • Layer list: Allow app users to toggle the visibility of operational layers in the web map.
  • Basemaps: Give app users access to the basemap gallery so they can change the basemap.
  • Bookmarks: Enable the use of web map bookmarks for navigation.
  • Measure: Enable the measure tool so app users can make interactive area, length, and point measurements.
  • Share: Allow users to share the app with others via email, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Search: Display the Search box to enable navigation to addresses and places.
  • Search for locations within current extent: Enable a toggle to allow app users to search within the current map extent only.


The web map must contain at least one editable feature layer if you want app users to edit features.

The web map must contain time-enabled data to use the time slider.

The web map must have bookmarks defined to use bookmarks in the app.

It is possible that web layers will not appear in the legend if you zoom in or out beyond the visible range set in the web map for particular web layers.