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Create apps from groups

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A gallery app is a web app that displays the maps and web apps shared to a group and related details about the group, such as the name and description. As a member of an organization, you can create a gallery app hosted on the portal website.

You can create an app by putting a shared group into a template. The templates offer different layouts and color schemes and some allow you to configure the gallery to create a customized look and feel. Once you have found a template you like, publish it to your portal. You need privileges to create content in order to publish your app to the portal. As an alternative, you can download a template and deploy it to your organization's web server.


A gallery app displays maps and web apps in a group. Any changes owners make to their items are reflected in the gallery. If a map or web app that was public or shared with the group is made private (or deleted), the item no longer appears in the gallery.

Create an app starting from a group page

If you have privileges to create and share content, you can use Share from a group page to find the template that best suits the story you want to tell with the maps and apps and publish it to your portal.

  1. Verify that you are signed in and have privileges to create and share content.
  2. Open the group you want to use to create a gallery app. If the group is private, only group members who sign in to the website will be able to see items in the gallery. If you are the group owner and want to share the gallery with the widest audience, consider making the group and its items available to everyone (public).
  3. Click Share and click Make a Gallery application to open the Make a Gallery Application with a set of templates you can use to create your app.

    The configurable templates have a Configurable icon Configurable on the template thumbnail.

  4. Hover over a template thumbnail to see a description of the template.
  5. Click Publish under the template thumbnail and choose Preview to see how your group will look in the template.
  6. Click Publish under the template thumbnail and choose Publish to start creating your app.
  7. Type a title, tags, and summary for your app and click Save & Publish. Your app is published to the portal and an unshared item is added to My Content. To make your app accessible to others, you need to share it.
  8. If you selected a configurable template, click go to the item now in the pop-up and click Configure App. Change the components of the app you want, such as the theme, widgets, and miscellaneous items. Click Save when you are done configuring the app.