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Create apps from maps

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You can create an app with a shared map by using a configurable app template or Web AppBuilder. Different templates and Web AppBuilder offer various bits of functionality, such as different layouts and color schemes, editing and identify tools, social media feeds, and side-by-side map viewers. Once you have found a template you like or you have opened Web AppBuilder from the map viewer or My Content, configure the components and publish the app. As an alternative, you can download a template and deploy it to your organization's web server.


A published web app is based on a map authored with the map viewer. Any changes the author makes to the map, including its extent, layers, description, and so on, are reflected in the web app. If a map that was available to everyone in the organization is made private (or deleted), the map no longer appears in the app.

Create an app starting from the map viewer

You can use the map viewer Share pop-up to create an app with a configurable template or Web AppBuilder. As an alternative, you can find templates in the Gallery or by searching your portal.

  1. Verify that you are signed in with privileges to create and share content.
  2. Open a saved map in the map viewer and click Share. You can only make an app with a map that is shared. If you own the map, share it by specifying sharing options in the Share window. If you don't own the map, contact the owner and have them share it as necessary.
  3. Click Make a Web Application. The Share window opens with two tabs: Configurable and App Builder.
  4. To use a template on the Configurable tab, do the following:
    1. Hover over a template thumbnail to see a description of the template.
    2. To see how your map will look in the template, click Publish under the template thumbnail and choose Preview.
    3. To start creating your app, click Publish under the template thumbnail and choose Publish.
    4. Type a title, tags, and summary for your app and click Save & Publish. Your app is published to the portal and an unshared item is added to My Content. To make your app accessible to others, you need to share it.
    5. Click go to the item now in the pop-up and click Configure App. Change the components of the app you want, such as the theme, widgets, and miscellaneous items. Click Save when you are done configuring the app.
  5. To build an app using Web AppBuilder, do the following:
    1. Click the App Builder tab.
    2. Type a title, tags, and summary for your app.
    3. Choose in which folder the app will be saved.
    4. Choose whether to apply the same sharing properties to the app as you have on the map.
    5. Click Get Started to create your app in Web AppBuilder.