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Own groups

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If you've created a group that allows people to apply to join, you accept or decline membership requests. As a group owner, you can also manage content you don't own. You can share public content to your group, which is useful when you find content that relates to the focus of your group but the owner is not a member. You can also remove content that members have shared to the group.


Only group owners and and those with administrator privileges can manage membership requests, invite people to join, share public content, and remove content from the group.

Manage new membership requests

When someone requests to join a group you own, you see a New Membership Requests link in the group with the new request.

  1. Verify that you are signed in.
  2. Open Groups.
  3. Click Membership Requests and in the pop-up that appears, click Approve or Decline.

If you approve the request, the user is automatically added to your group. If you decline the request, the user is not added to your group. In either case, the user can check the status by opening the notifications window at the top of the site.

Remove members

If you no longer want a member to participate in your group, you can remove them from the group. Their items are also removed. The user's account and items are not removed from the portal website. To remove a member, click the button Remove member from the group to the right of the member's name.

Share public content

You can share public content with your group by following the steps below. If the content owner makes the item private, it is automatically removed from your group.

  1. Find and open the item details for the public item you want to share with your group. Items that have been shared with everybody (public) include a Share button on their details page. The Share button appears when you own at least one group.
  2. Click Share and check the box to the left of the group you want to share the item. You can check more than one group if you want to share the item with multiple groups you own.

Remove content

If a group member has shared an item you do not think fits into your group, you can remove it. The item no longer appears in the group, but it is not deleted from the owner's account. It is still available to the owner and retains its other sharing properties, for example, being a public item. To remove an item from your group, click the button Delete item from group to the right of the item name on the group page.

Share your group

If your group is public and you have sharing privileges, you can share the group with others using the Share button at the top of the group page. You can copy a short URL and paste it in an email, blog, or website; embed the group items into a website; and create an app with configurable templates.


You many not see all of these sharing options, depending on how your administrator has configured your portal website.