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Manage hosted tile layers

Owners of hosted tile layers and administrators can manage the following settings specific to hosted tile layers:

  • The number and scale of tiles in the layer
  • The minimum and maximum scales at which a hosted tile layer will draw when added to a map
  • Whether a hosted tile layer can be taken offline

Note that you cannot manage minimum and maximum scales or the offline mode on hosted tile layers if the source data or hosted feature layer that your hosted tile layer was published from is no longer accessible. Similarly, hosted tile layers inherit the visible range of the hosted feature layer when you publish the hosted tile layer. You cannot build tiles for areas that fall outside that inherited visible range.

Manage hosted raster tile layer settings

Follow these steps to create tiles, change the visible range, and manage the offline mode of a hosted tile layer:

  1. Sign in as the owner of the web layer, an administrator, or with an account that has privileges to update all members' items.
  2. Open the hosted tile layer's item page.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. Scroll to the Tile Layer (hosted) Settings section.
  5. Click Show Details to see the current status of existing tiles.
  6. Make any of the following changes:
    • Set the Visible Range option using the slider or drop-down lists to choose the minimum and maximum scales at which a hosted tile layer draws when added to a map.
    • To build tiles for the layer, click Build Tiles. When the dialog box opens, check the boxes next to the levels (scales) at which you want to generate tiles. You must choose at least one level. When you finish choosing levels, click Create Tiles.
    • Check Allow this layer to be downloaded and used in an offline map to allow others to include a hosted tile layer in a map that will be taken offline.
  7. Click Save when you finish.