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What is Living Atlas of the World?

Living Atlas of the World is an evolving collection of authoritative, ready-to-use global geographic information from Esri. It includes imagery, basemaps, demographics and lifestyle, landscape, boundaries and places, transportation, earth observations, urban systems, oceans, and historical maps that can be combined with your own data to create maps, scenes, and apps and perform analysis.

If your ArcGIS Enterprise portal has access to the Internet, it can access Living Atlas of the World content from ArcGIS Online. If your portal is not connected to the Internet, your portal administrator can publish a set of Living Atlas of the World Esri boundary layers directly to the portal for you to use in maps, scenes, and analysis.

You can use Living Atlas content alone or in combination with your own content to create maps, scenes, and apps and perform analysis in Map Viewer or Insights for ArcGIS. You can add Living Atlas layers directly to your map or scene. You can also browse the gallery for Living Atlas web maps and apps to find the content you need.