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Search widget

The Search widget enables you to find locations in the scene. Unlike the Search widget in a 2D app, it does not support feature search. By default, the widget uses the geocoding service from your organization or portal. You can also add more geocoding services.

Configure the Search widget

The widget configuration window allows you to specify the geocoding services you want the widget to work with.

  1. Hover over the Search widget and click the Show or hide button Show or hide to show or hide this widget in your app.
  2. Hover over the widget and click the Configure this widget button Configure this widget to open the configuration properties dialog box.
  3. By default, the widget uses the geocoding service from your organization or portal. If you want to add more geocoding services, click Add Search Source and choose Geocoder.
  4. Click Set to open the Set Geocoder URL window.
  5. Provide a valid URL for the geocoding service you want to use, click Validate to load the service, choose the service, and click OK.

    The geocoder URL is automatically added to the Geocoder URL text box. You can change the geocoder name in the Geocode Name text box.

  6. Optionally type text in the Placeholder Text text box.
  7. Optionally type the country code to limit the search area if available. See Geocode coverage for a country code list.
  8. Change the maximum number of suggestions returned if necessary.

    The default is 6.

  9. Change the maximum number of results returned if necessary.

    The default is 6.

  10. Change the zoom scale if necessary.
  11. Optionally check the Only search in current map extent.
  12. Under General Settings, set the placeholder text for geocoders.
  13. By default, a pop-up appears when the location is found on the scene. Uncheck the box if you don't want a pop-up to appear.
  14. Click OK to close the configuration window.

Use the Search widget

When you type a place-name in the search box, suggestions appear as you type. If an arrow appears in the search box, you can search on all sources, or click the arrow and choose a locator from the drop-down list.

A pop-up appears at the location of the place-name and displays any available attribute information.