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What's new in Esri Roads and Highways for Server

The following are enhancements to Event Editor.

  • You can edit, change, and save web map symbology for the layers using the Symbology dialog box.
  • You can change the order of layers in a web map opened in Event Editor and save it.
  • You can import bookmarks in a web map opened in Event Editor using the Import Bookmarks tool.
  • You can now dock tables on the right side of your screen to provide a two-screen experience.
  • You will now see confirmations when certain tasks are completed in Event Editor. These include saving events, editing events, and reconciling and posting.
  • You can share a web map in Event Editor with everyone (public), with Portal for ArcGIS (organization), or with only specific groups within Portal for ArcGIS.
  • You can now edit related table records and add non-spatial-related records.
  • When saving edits on a table with multiple pages, the table will remain on the same page instead of going back to page 1.