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Add AWS instances to an Amazon Load Balancer

Once you've created an Amazon Load Balancer, follow these steps to add Amazon EC2 instances to it.

  1. Log in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and click EC2.
  2. Click Load Balancers.

    The Load Balancers section of the console is divided into upper and lower panes. When you choose a load balancer from the upper pane, details about the load balancer appear in the lower pane.

  3. In the upper pane, click the box next to your load balancer.
  4. In the lower pane, click the Instances tab.
  5. Click Edit Instances.
  6. Check the boxes next to the instances you want to add to your load balancer and click Save.

It's recommended that you add instances from a variety of availability zones. This way you still have a running instance if a zone becomes weakened or disabled for any reason. Amazon recommends maintaining the same number of instances in each availability zone because the load balancer distributes traffic equally across availability zones.