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Deploy ArcGIS for Server using AWS CloudFormation

Amazon CloudFormation is a service that helps you define architectures for the Amazon Web Services you use. You can use Esri sample CloudFormation templates and the following steps to create a siloed GIS server site or a web GIS.

  1. Go to the Amazon S3 bucket where the Esri CloudFormation templates are stored.

    You can click View to examine each template before you run it. Each template has a number of properties in the Parameters object that you set when launching the stack.

  2. Click Launch Stack to run a template.
  3. Sign in to the AWS Management Console using your account.

    The CloudFormation Stack page opens.

  4. Change the default Stack Name if you want and click Continue.
  5. Set the properties for your stack as needed and click Continue.

    For information on the properties for each template, see the readme file available with each template.

  6. Add tags to easily identify your instance, such as Key = Name and Value = MyCloudFormation, and click Continue.
  7. Examine all your parameter values. Click Continue when you are ready to create your stack.

The stack is launched. Your web GIS or GIS server site is ready to take requests. You can access your site using the output URL in the output tag.

If the stack does not launch successfully, go to CloudWatch in the AWS Management Console and read the logs generated by CloudFormation. Log names contain the stack name you provided plus instance IDs.