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Strategies for loading data into a geodatabase on Amazon Web Services

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You can replicate data using a geodata service published from a geodatabase in the cloud, publish data to a registered database, or move your source data to Amazon Web Services then load the data into your geodatabase.


You can replicate data from an on-premises geodatabase to a geodatabase in your ArcGIS Server on Amazon Web Services instance.

The geodata geodatabase that is included with your ArcGIS Server on Amazon Web Services instance is intended for this purpose. Register the geodata geodatabase as a replicated database and create a geodata service from it. Then create a replica of your local data, replicating it to the geodata service. As edits are made, you can synchronize changes through the geodata service. See Using a geodata service and a connected replica for more information.


If you created your site to include a database management system, the egdb geodatabase that is included in the site is registered automatically with your ArcGIS for Server instance. When you publish a feature or WFS-T service, a copy of the data will be moved to the egdb geodatabase and the service will use the data in the egdb geodatabase as its source data.

When you delete the feature or WFS-T service, the corresponding data is deleted from the egdb geodatabase.

Load data you moved to the cloud

You can also physically move data to your geodatabases in your ArcGIS Server on Amazon Web Services instance.

First, you must move the data to Amazon Web Services. Once your source data has been moved to your instance, you must log in to your ArcGIS for Server instance and use the tools provided in ArcGIS for Desktop to load the data into your geodatabase.

From ArcCatalog or the Catalog window in ArcMap, you can do the following:

If you are using enterprise geodatabases, you also could connect to the DBMS on your ArcGIS Server on Amazon Web Services instance and restore a dump file from an existing geodatabase in PostgreSQL to your PostgreSQL database cluster or attach a database to SQL Server on Amazon EC2 that you detached from another SQL Server instance.

For information on getting source data onto an Amazon Web Services instance, see Strategies for data transfer to Amazon.