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Install a CA-issued certificate

Clients connecting to your site receive warning messages if your site is not configured with a certifying authority (CA) certificate recognized by the client. To prevent untrusted site messages from appearing every time clients connect, use ArcGIS Server Cloud Builder for Microsoft Azure to install an SSL (or TLS) certificate to your site.

If you initially deployed your GIS server or web GIS with a self-signed certificate, follow these steps to install a CA-issued certificate.

  1. Obtain an SSL certificate and export the certificate to a .pfx file.
  2. Set up CNAME mapping for to your cloud service domain.
  3. Start ArcGIS Server Cloud Builder for Microsoft Azure.
  4. Sign in to Microsoft Azure.

    If you want to use the Microsoft Azure Government cloud and have an Azure Government subscription, check U.S. Government account.

  5. Choose which Azure subscription you want to manage and click next.
  6. Click manage my site.
  7. Choose the site for which you want to install a certificate and click install a ca issued ssl certificate.
  8. Browse to the location of your certificate .pfx file.
  9. Type the password to authenticate use of the .pfx file.

    This password was set when you created the .pfx file.

  10. Type the CNAME for your site in the Domain Name (Alias) field.
  11. Provide the site administrator's user name and password.
  12. Click next to install the certificate.