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ArcGIS Server on cloud platforms

You can deploy ArcGIS for Server in the cloud. Many organizations do this to increase performance and capacity without having to buy and configure new hardware. Cloud platforms let you add more capabilities to your ArcGIS for Server deployment, including resizing compute capacity, automatically scaling capacity up and down according to conditions you define, automatically distributing application traffic across multiple instances for better performance, and much more.

Esri understands that getting any enterprise software running in the cloud can be a challenge. That's why Esri provides ArcGIS for Server virtual machine images on two popular cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure

You can use a free Cloud Builder desktop app (ArcGIS Server Cloud Builder on Amazon Web Services or ArcGIS Server Cloud Builder for Microsoft Azure) that helps you quickly configure, license, and launch your ArcGIS for Server site. You can even use Cloud Builder to manage your cloud deployment from your desktop.

Learn more about running ArcGIS for Server in the cloud and the Cloud Builder app at ArcGIS Server on Amazon Web Service and ArcGIS Server on Microsoft Azure.