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To authorize your software

Each machine with an installation of ArcGIS for Server needs to be authorized for use. You must apply the same ArcGIS Server license edition to each machine in your site.

There are several ways to authorize ArcGIS for Server. Before installing ArcGIS for Server, you can visit to obtain your authorization numbers for use in the software or to create a provisioning file which can be used to quickly complete the authorization process. You can also authorize ArcGIS for Server using the setup program. See Installing ArcGIS for Server for more information.

The authorization tool can also be launched with one of the following methods after ArcGIS for Server has been installed:

  • Use the shortcut on your desktop environment: ArcGIS > Authorize ArcGIS for Server.
  • Run the authorization script: <ArcGIS for Server installation directory>/tools/authorizeSoftware. For more information about this authorization tool, see Authorizing ArcGIS for Server silently.

Authorization requires the authorization numbers (similar in format to ECP123456789) provided by Customer Service. Visit for more information.

Each new version of ArcGIS for Server requires a new authorization.