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Uninstalling ArcGIS for Server silently

The following steps guide you through the ArcGIS for Server silent uninstallation process on Linux. Performing a silent installation of ArcGIS for Server doesn't require an X display or user interaction during the installation process.

  1. Stop ArcGIS Server by:
    • Executing the stopserver script (based on the default installation location):



    • Using the shortcut on your desktop environment: ArcGIS > Stop ArcGIS for Server
  2. If ArcGIS Server is configured to be started with the operating system, follow the steps below to remove the daemon:
    1. Switch to root user.
    2. Remove the daemons, if created, by executing the following commands provided below:

      For RHEL users:

      $ chkconfig --del arcgisserver
      $ rm -f /etc/rc.d/init.d/arcgisserver

      For SUSE users:

      $ insserv -r arcgisserver
      $ rm -f /etc/init.d/arcgisserver

    3. End the root user session.
  3. Execute the uninstallation script as shown below (based on default installation location):

    ${HOME}/arcgis/server/uninstall_ArcGISServer -s


The uninstaller does not remove configuration, log, and user-created files.