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Uninstalling ArcGIS for Server

The following steps guide you through the ArcGIS for Server uninstallation process on Linux.

  1. Stop ArcGIS Server by:
    • Executing the stopserver script (based on the default installation location):



    • Using the shortcut on your desktop environment: ArcGIS > Stop ArcGIS for Server
  2. If ArcGIS Server is configured to be started with the operating system, follow the steps below to remove the daemon:
    1. Switch to root user.
    2. Remove the daemons, if created, by executing the following commands provided below:

      For RHEL users:

      $ chkconfig --del arcgisserver
      $ rm -f /etc/rc.d/init.d/arcgisserver

      For SUSE users:

      $ insserv -r arcgisserver
      $ rm -f /etc/init.d/arcgisserver

    3. End the root user session.
  3. Launch the uninstallation script as shown below (based on the default installation location):


  4. In the Uninstall dialog box, click Uninstall to proceed with the uninstallation of ArcGIS for Server.
  5. Once completed, click Done to exit.

The uninstaller does not remove configuration, log, and user-created files.