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00132: <value> is unsupported within a registered folder for task <value>

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ArcGIS Server platforms do not support all the data formats that ArcGIS for Desktop supports. If any of the following data formats are present in a folder registered with the server's data store, and your task uses this data, you will not be able to publish.


There are two solutions: unregister the folder in the data store or convert the data.

Unregister the folder in the data store

After removing the folder from the data store, unsupported data formats will be converted to fully supported data formats during the publishing process. The converted data will be copied to the server. You will need to exit the Service Editor before unregistering the folder from the data store.

Convert the data

You must convert your data to a supported format (usually a file geodatabase), rerun your tool using the supported format, and share the newly created result. In general, the steps are

  1. Close the Service Editor.
  2. Create a new file geodatabase within the folder registered with the server's data store. You can use the Create File GDB tool to create the new file geodatabase.
  3. Convert the unsupported data to a file geodatabase using any of the following techniques:

  • Open and run the tool to create a new result. Use the converted datasets, or layers based on the converted dataset, as inputs to the tool.
  • Share the newly created result.