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Publishing a Workflow Manager service

Available with Standard or Advanced license.

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GIS is increasingly being used on the Web. Consequently, many users want to publish their job tracking information to the Web as well as use Workflow Manager Web services in their own applications.

There are tools provided in ArcGIS Workflow Manager Administrator that help you create a Workflow Manager service.

These tools require access to an ArcGIS for Server machine that ArcGIS Workflow Manager for Server has been installed on to support the Workflow Manager service.

Publishing a Workflow Manager services

The Workflow Manager service is synonymous to a map service; the map document contains the information that you want to serve over the Web just as the Workflow Manager service will contain the Workflow Manager repository that you want to serve over the Web.

  1. Start Workflow Manager Administrator and select your workflow manager database.
  2. Right-click the database and click Share as Workflow Manager service.
  3. On the Share as Service dialog, choose Publish a Service and click Next.
  4. Click the ellipsis (...) next to the Select and existing connection or create a new one parameter.

    The Add ArcGIS Server dialog box appears.

  5. Choose Publish GIS Service and click Next.

    The General dialog box for configuring ArcGIS Server connections appears.

  6. Specify the connection parameters to your ArcGIS Server here and click Finish.

    The Share as Service dialog box appears.

  7. Specify a Service Name for your Workflow Manager service and click Next.

    The Publish service to a folder dialog box appears.

  8. Specify the destination folder for the service.
    • Use Existing [root] folder.
    • Create new folder by checking the Create new folder option and specifying a name.
  9. Click Continue.

    The Workflow Manager Service Editor dialog box appears. Here, you can choose what users can do with your service and take fine-grained control of how the server will expose your service.

  10. Click Capabilities and click Area of Interest.

    Enabling the Area of Interest capability will result in a seperate AOI feature service being simultaneously created with the Workflow Manager service. The AOI service created here will function the same as if it were created in Arcmap using traditional publishing methodology, and be available for use in Workflow Manager web applications immediately once publishing is complete. This service will have the same name as the defined Workflow Manager service but with "_AOI" appended to the end. The AOI color is set automatically as part of the process, if a specific AOI color or style is desired you will need to publish the service manually.

  11. Click Publish to create the service.

The following topics provide an overview of some of the properties and techniques that you can use to best configure your service.