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Update a single-machine ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on AWS

Updating software on your single-machine ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is similar to updating software on-premises; download software updates from My Esri onto your EC2 instance, and apply the updates directly to your existing deployment. All ArcGIS Enterprise components must be running the same software version. The main difference in updating on AWS is how you create a backup of your existing deployment.

  1. Log in to AWS Management Console and create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from your existing instance. This is your backup that you can use to redeploy if any issues arise during upgrading. If you have to redeploy, you must deploy using the same portal URL.
  2. If you are upgrading from 10.4.1 or a prior release, obtain new Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS GIS Server licenses from Esri.
  3. Download new versions of Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Web Adaptor, ArcGIS Server, and ArcGIS Data Store from My Esri.
  4. Make a remote desktop connection (Windows) or SSH (Linux) connection to the machine on AWS. Connect as the arcgis user. Place all the software downloads on this machine.

    If this is the first time you are upgrading a deployment on a Windows AWS instance, change the arcgis user's password.

    If you deployed the ArcGIS Enterprise on this machine using the AWS Management Console, be sure this machine is allowed to create Amazon S3 buckets in your AWS account, as the Portal for ArcGIS upgrade procedure creates an S3 bucket for temporary storage of the content directory. If you deployed using a CloudFormation template provided by Esri, the template already configured this.

  5. Follow the steps in Upgrade Portal for ArcGIS to update your portal and its web adaptor, and update your Portal for ArcGIS license.
  6. Follow the single-machine site steps in Upgrade ArcGIS Server to update ArcGIS Server and its web adaptor, and update your ArcGIS Server site with an ArcGIS GIS Server license.
  7. Note:

    You must upgrade ArcGIS Server before upgrading ArcGIS Data Store.

  8. If your deployment is on a Windows machine on AWS, follow the steps in Upgrade ArcGIS Data Store to update the data store.
  9. If your deployment is on a Linux machine on AWS, follow these steps to upgrade ArcGIS Data Store:
    1. Install the new version of ArcGIS Data Store, but do not run the Data Store Configuration wizard.
    2. Run the command to stop ArcGIS Data Store.

      The command is located in <ArcGIS Data Store installation directory>/arcgis/datastore.

    3. Change directories to <ArcGIS Data Store installation directory>/arcgis/datastore/framework/etc.
    4. Make a copy of the file and place the copy in another directory.
    5. Open the original file (not the copy) in a text editor.
    6. Uncomment the line preferredidentifier=ip.
    7. Save and close the file.
    8. Run the command to start ArcGIS Data Store.

      The command is located in <ArcGIS Data Store installation directory>/arcgis/datastore.

    9. Open the Data Store Configuration wizard or run the configuredatastore command utility to reconfigure the data store.
  10. When you finish upgrading and testing your updated deployment, you can delete your backup AMI.