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Replication to an Amazon Web Services instance using geodata services

At 10.6, if your end users need to edit the data exposed through feature services running on your ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services deployment, they can edit the data locally then use replication to synchronize the data through a geodata service published from a local enterprise geodatabase to an ArcGIS Server site on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Replication and synchronization performed directly from your local geodatabase to your enterprise geodatabase in your ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services instance would take a great deal of time. For that reason, you should do the following instead:

  1. Register your local (publisher) geodatabase and server (AWS) geodatabase with the ArcGIS Server site on AWS.
  2. Create a geodata service from the server geodatabase when you register it.
  3. Set the registered database for your ArcGIS Server connection to use replication, with the parent being your local enterprise geodatabase and the enterprise geodatabase in AWS being the child.
  4. After edits are made, synchronize data changes.

You should be aware of any restrictions that exist when replicating specific types of data. See the following topics in the ArcMap help for more information:

See Use a geodata service and a connected replica for instructions to implement the workflow summarized above.