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Run the DELETE command

If you want to delete your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that were created using the ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services utility, use the DELETE command.

The DELETE command deletes all resources you created using the CREATE command, including CloudFormation stacks, CloudWatch logs, records from AWS Route 53 (if you specified an AWSRoute53ZoneID), and the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket and DynamoDB table for your cloud store (if you specified that option for StoreType). This operation cannot be undone.


The DELETE command is only supported for deployments created using ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder CLI for AWS. It does not delete assets created using the PREP command.

Use the same JSON file you used when you executed the CREATE command: cloudbuilder.exe DELETE -j <createfilename.json>