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What is ArcGIS Monitor Server?

ArcGIS Monitor Server is a web-based dashboard that allows you to view alerts and visualize historical data for various time periods. Reports with statistics can be used to visualize resource usage and enhance communications among GIS, IT, business owners, and senior management.

Statistics in ArcGIS Monitor

ArcGIS Monitor makes full use of statistics; therefore, administrators should be familiar with the following basic statistics: min, max, average, and percentile. For deployments with many counters and large amounts of historical data, analyzing tabular statistics is more effective than analyzing charts. When the time span of a report is less than 12 hours, charts display real-time data values at the collection interval. When the time span of a report is greater than 12 hours, the chart displays hourly averages. As a result, the chart is flattened and does not show maximum value. Table statistics always display true values for min, max, percentile, and so on, regardless of the time span.

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