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Installing Workflow Manager Server silently

ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server can be installed on its own or on the hosting server. To install ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server on its own, ArcGIS Server must be installed but does not need to be licensed. The ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server license will provide access to only the ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server capability on the machine.


Only one ArcGIS Workflow Manager deployment is supported per ArcGIS Enterprise site.

  1. Obtain an authorization file for the machine on which you will install ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server.
  2. Log in as a user with administrative privileges.
  3. Open a command prompt.
  4. To authorize ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server silently, run the command below, editing the command line where necessary to reflect the actual authorization file location, and authorization method:

    %CommonProgramFiles%\ArcGIS\bin\SoftwareAuthorization.exe /S /Ver <ARCGIS_VERSION_NUMBER> /LIF <path to .prvc authorization file>authorizationfile.prvc

  5. Execute one of the following commands depending on how you are installing.
    • Install with an ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server account password.

      Provide a PASSWORD property to specify the password:

      <path to ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server setup>\setup.exe /qb PASSWORD=<arcgis server account password>

      For example:

      \\machinename\Workflowmanager_Server\setup.exe /qb PASSWORD=my.arcgis.server.password

      The silent install will fail if the password is incorrect or not provided. However, if ArcGIS Server is running on a system service account (for example, Local System), you will not have to provide a password.

    • Install using a configuration file created by an ArcGIS Server setup.

      Provide a CONFIGPATH property to specify the server configuration file that will be used to configure the ArcGIS Server account. Server configuration files are created by exporting a server configuration file when installing ArcGIS Server (earlier installations or from other machines):

      <path to ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server setup>\setup.exe /qb CONFIGPATH=<full path and name of the server configuration file>

      For example:

      c:\Workflowmanager\setup.exe /qb CONFIGPATH=c:\Server_Config.xml

      If both the configuration file and password are provided, the setup will use the password from the configuration file (and ignore the provided password).