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Obtain an authorization file

Available with Standard or Advanced license.

Available with Production Mapping license.

Available with ArcGIS Maritime license.

Each machine with an installation of the ArcGIS Maritime server extension requires an authorization file.


For those outside the United States, contact your local distributor for information about how to obtain an authorization number.

Complete the following steps to authorize the ArcGIS Maritime server extension:

  1. Obtain authorization numbers from My Esri.

    This file can be received by email, fax, phone, or mail.

  2. Start the ArcGIS Server Software Authorization Wizard to add the appropriate license feature to your site.

    Start the wizard from the ArcGIS Server program group. The license features for the product are described below.

    Product nameLicense features
    ArcGIS Maritime
    • ArcGIS Production Mapping
    • ArcGIS Maritime