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View queued images

When you select images from your search results, the images appear in your queue and can be used in the canvas view. You can also preview images and corresponding metadata on the Queued Images tab.

Preview an image

To inspect and preview how an image was captured during collection, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Queued Images panel, click the view button (eye icon) on an image.

    A full-resolution preview of the image appears that you can inspect by zooming and panning.

  2. Optionally, click the rotate button to rotate the image in the preview window.
    1. Click the outer perimeter and drag the pointer around to rotate.
    2. Click the center of the rotate button to reset the image so the top is up.
  3. Optionally, click the metadata button (document icon) to view the corresponding metadata for the image or copy the metadata to your clipboard.

    You can view the metadata tray in three sizes. Clicking the expand button at the bottom of the tray to cycle through the sizes. The middle size is the default.

  4. Optionally, connect to the canvas view.
  5. Click the close button in the upper right corner to close the image preview window.

Preview metadata

You can preview the metadata of each image to learn more about it.

  1. On the Queued Images tab, click the metadata button for an image.
  2. View the information about the image in the image metadata panel.
  3. Click the close button in the upper right corner to close the image metadata panel.

Remove images from the queue

To remove a single image from the Queued Images tab, click the Delete button next to the image of interest. The selected image is removed from the list and its corresponding footprint is removed from the search map. To remove all images in the queue, click Clear Queue. All corresponding footprints are also removed from the search map.

Create an imagery project

You can create an imagery project based on the images on the Queued Images tab. Complete the following steps to create a project:

  1. Click Create New Project.

    The Create a New Imagery Project dialog box appears.

  2. Provide information for the following parameters:
    • Title (required)

      This name should be unique. If the same name as an existing folder in your content is detected, a new folder is created in your portal with the word copy appended to it.

    • Summary (optional)
    • Instructions (required)
    • Tags (required)
  3. Choose to share your project with your organization or keep it private. The default is setting is Yes.
  4. Click Create to create your project. Optionally, click Reset Form to clear all the fields.

    A message appears once your project is created successfully, and a folder for your project is created in your portal.

  5. Click Open Project to work with your project, or click View Project Details to edit additional project information or add observation layers to your project. Optionally, close the project and return to the catalog view.

Connect to the imagery exploitation canvas

Click Connect to Canvas to open the imagery exploitation canvas, where you can focus on and work with the queued images using the display and exploitation tools.

The map focus panel in the imagery exploitation canvas is zoomed to the extent of the queued images and corresponding footprints, and the image metadata table is populated with corresponding images. Learn more about the imagery exploitation canvas.