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Save a project from the canvas

After searching for your imagery and connecting to the canvas, you have the option to save your work to an imagery project. Click the Save button to save your progress on imagery you exploited and analyzed. You must have the appropriate privileges to save. The Save button is visible in the toolbar header in the canvas view if you have the proper privileges.

Save a project

To save your work to a base project, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Save on the canvas toolbar.

    The Save Your Work as a New Imagery Projectdialog box appears.

  2. Provide information for the following parameters:
    • Title (required)

      This name should be unique. If the same name as an existing folder in your content is detected, a new folder is created in your portal with the same name and the word copy appended to it.

    • Summary (optional)
    • Instructions (required)
    • Tags (required)
  3. Choose to share your project with your organization or keep it private. The default is Yes.
  4. If you selected images from the Image Metadata Table, you have the option to include only those images in the imagery project. Check the Limit the imagery for the project to the selected records in the metadata table check box if you only want the selected images in your table. It is not checked by default.
  5. Click Create to create your project. Click Reset to clear all the fields you filled in. Optionally, close the dialog box to return to the canvas.

    A loader appears and you are notified once your project is created successfully.

    The title of your project also appears and reflects your changes, and a folder for your project is created in your portal.

  6. Continue working on your project and click Save to update your progress.

    You must be the owner of the project to save and update your progress.

You can continue working with your project or make additional changes on the Project Details page.

Save markup to a project

You can save markup that you created as a feature collection that is stored with your imagery project. See Mark Up tools to learn how to use these tools. Once you finish marking up your imagery, click Save to update your project. A notification appears to confirm your progress is saved and available for you to view once you reopen your project.

Project state

When a project is opened in the canvas view, the previous state it was saved in is reflected. This includes the following:

  • Image extents
  • Lock extents
  • Focus images
  • Image layer
  • Canvas state
  • Selected images

Add an observation layer to your imagery project

You can add an existing observation layer to your imagery project to collect observations from your imagery, or create a new observation layer to fit your project needs through the project details. To add an observation layer, see Choose an existing observation layer and Create an observation layer.