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Field Calculator (Regular Expression) Processor

The Field Calculator (Regular Expression) Processor can be used to leverage the power of regular expressions to identify a pattern within a target field and extract the substrings from received events. The extracted substrings are either written back to the target field, replacing the field's original value, or written to a new field. This processor does not support the general mathematical, lexical, and logical expressions supported by the Field Calculator Processor above.


When specifying the Field Name parameter for this processor, do not forget to enclose the field name with ${…}. This is different than the Field Calculator Processor above, which expects GeoEvent field names without encasement.


The Field Calculator (Regular Expression) Processor does not support back references within the specified regular expression pattern.

Writing a computed value to a new field alters the GeoEvent's schema, which requires the GeoEvent Server to create a new GeoEvent Definition. When using this processor to create new fields, a field name and data type must be specified. A name for the GeoEvent Definition can be specified as well as an optional tag, which, if specified, will be applied to the new field in the resulting GeoEvent Definition.