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No Operation Processor

A No Operation Processor takes no action and has no effect on GeoEvents it receives. GeoEvents pass through this processor as if it did not exist. This processor could be used in a GeoEvent Service as a stub or placeholder for an actual processor you want to configure later, allowing you to focus on designing and testing other parts of the GeoEvent Service.

A No Operation Processor can be useful in other scenarios as well, including the following:

  • Troubleshooting a published GeoEvent Service that is not working as expected. Configuring a No Operation Processor to perform no operation effectively removes it from the GeoEvent Service without forcing the GeoEvent Service's workflow to be redrawn.
  • Designing a processing and filtering workflow in a GeoEvent Service before development on a particular component has been completed. Once development of the components is completed, a No Operation Processor can be reconfigured as another type of processor.
  • Demonstrating how to temporarily turn off the processing being performed by particular components of a GeoEvent Service. By configuring an existing processor as a No Operation Processor and republishing the GeoEvent Service, the processing being performed by GeoEvent Server can be highlighted.