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What's new

The 10.7 update includes new features and improvements in many key areas. Highlights include the following:

  • New actions of Show Pop-up and Follow Feature
  • Pie chart improvements
    • More control over numerical formatting for the legend, label, and hover text
    • Configurable label and legend text size
  • Serial chart improvements
    • Support for logarithmic scaling
    • Grouped value serial charts now have a configurable maximum number of categories
    • New rotation setting for axis titles
  • The new dashboard-level settings allow you to change colors for the background, borders, elements, tabs and selections.
  • The symbol used for a unit prefix can also be changed through the dashboard-level settings.
  • New flexibility in dashboard configuration through URL Parameters. Once configured, URL Parameters are designed to trigger actions at run time. The following parameter types are available:
    • Category
    • Numeric
    • Date
    • Feature
    • Geometry
  • Hub icons are now available for indicator and header elements.
  • Improved authoring experience for category selectors.
  • New option to control the list selection color.
  • Dashboards are now viewable on mobile phones. Authors should take care to design dashboards that will work well in a reduced form factor. Limiting the number of elements displayed, judicious use of text, and taking advantage of a dashboard's ability to group and stack elements are all key considerations.

The legacy Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS Windows app was moved to a retired state on January 1, 2019. It has been replaced with the Operations Dashboard web app. The legacy app created operation view items. The web app creates dashboard items. In ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7, you can no longer create or edit operation views. Existing operation views will be marked as deprecated in your portal and will be available as read-only items. At the next major release of ArcGIS Enterprise after 10.7, operation views will no longer be accessible.