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Migration Steps (ArcGIS Enterprise SDK)
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Migration Steps

This topic provides recommded migration steps to migrate extensions from the ArcObjects Java SDK to the ArcGIS Enterprise SDK.

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Recommended steps

Follow the recommended steps below to migrate your extensions (SOEs SOIs) from the ArcObjects Java SDK to the ArcGIS Enterprise SDK.
  1. Open the existing ArcObjects Java SDK server object extension project in Eclipse.
    Click "File" -> "Open Projects from File System" -> menu item and select your project, to open the existing Java project in Eclipse. Navigate to the appropriate project folder and add project in Eclipse.
  2. Open the project properties window. Click on "Java Build Path" and navigate to the "Libraries" tab. Remove the existing "ArcObjects Library" by clicking on the "Remove" button in project properties window.
  3. Add the ArcGIS Enterprise SDK library. To add this refer to the Adding ArcGIS Enterprise SDK Library section. Save your Java class. You may get build errors. For resolving build errors you can refer to Migration strategies topic.
  4. Resolve any error that may arise.
  5. Export your Java project as an ArcGIS extension. For exporting as an extension, refer to Exporting extensions topic.
  6. Deploy your SOE or SOI in ArcGIS Server.
  7. In ArcGIS Server Manager, navigate to “Site -> Extensions”. Make sure that your extension (deployed in step 6) has “ArcGIS Pro” set as its provider value.

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