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EqualInterval Class
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EqualIntervalClass Class

Defines an equal interval classification method.


The EqualInterval coclass subdivides the data range by the number of classes to produce the equal value intervals for each class. Optionally, you can use the IClassifyMinMax interface to specify just minimum and maximum values instead of setting the data values using IClassify::SetHistogramData.

This classification emphasizes how data values fall within uniform ranges of values. In practice, it is similar to defined intervals but has the advantage that the lowest and highest classes span the same range of values as the rest of the classes. An example of an application of this classification is a map that depicts homes for sale divided into equal ranges of purchase costs.

The EqualInterval object can additionally generate class breaks given only Minimum and Maximum values. In this case, you do not have to call IClassify::SetHistogramData. However, to be consistent with other classify objects, you can also call IClassify::SetHistogramData, which will override the minimum and maximum values. The Minimum and Maximum properties are write-only, and you must set both properties if you can use IClassifyMinMax.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Solaris, Linux


Interfaces Description
IClassify Provides access to members that control the classification methods.
IClassifyGEN Provides access to members that control classification.
IClassifyMinMax Provides access to members that control the classification methods that require only a minimum and maximum value to classify.
IClassifyMinMax2 Provides access to members that control the classification methods that require a data range only.