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IAGSServerConnectionAdmin Interface
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IAGSServerConnectionAdmin Interface

Provides access to the server object manager, server object admin and server object configurations for the GIS server.


Name Description
Read-only property ServerObjectAdmin The server object admin for the connected GIS server.
Read-only property ServerObjectConfiguration The server object configuration with the specified Name and TypeName.
Read-only property ServerObjectManager The server object manager for the connected GIS server.

Classes that implement IAGSServerConnectionAdmin

Classes Description
AGSServerConnection The AGSServerConnection object for connecting to the GIS server and getting the ServerObjectManager and ServerObjectAdmin.


The IAGSServerConnectionAdmin interface provides a bridge between the GISClient objects and the Server object library. IAGSServerConnection is supported only on AGSServerConnection objects that are connections made directly to servers over a LAN. QI for IAGSServerConnection will fail on AGSServerConnections that are connections to web service catalogs.

If the application using this interface is running as a user in the GIS server's users group agsusers, it can use the ServerObjectManager property to get a reference to the GIS server's ServerObjectManager. Using the ServerObjectManager , you can create server contexts, works with ArcObjects in the GIS server and so on.

If the application using this interface is running as a user in the GIS server's administrators group (agadmin), it can use the ServerObjectAdmin property to get a reference to the GIS server's ServerObjectAdmin. Using the ServerObjectAdmin , you can perform administration tasks such as starting and stopping serever objects, and so on.

The ServerObjectConfiguration property will return the ServerObjectConfiguration for the specified server object and type. The application must be running as a member of the GIS server's administrators group (agadmin) to succesfully get this property.