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IAGSServerConnectionFactory Interface
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IAGSServerConnectionFactory Interface

Provides access to members that create and open GIS server connections and supply server connection factory information.


Name Description
Method Open Opens the GIS server connection specified by the connection properties.

Classes that implement IAGSServerConnectionFactory

Classes Description
AGSServerConnectionFactory A factory object for ArcGIS Server Connections.


An AGSServerConnectionFactory is a dispenser of AGSServerConnection objects and allows a client to connect to an ArcGIS Server either directly over a LAN or indirectly to a specified web service catalog. An AGSServerConnection represents a GIS server or web service catalog that contains one of more server objects. Types of server objects are MapServer and GeocodeServer. An AGSServerConnectionFactory maintains a pool of currently connected, active connections that are being referenced by the application. Connection properties are specified using a PropertySet object and can be saved to a connection file.

The IAGSServerConnectionFactory interface provides methods for creating AGSServerConnections based on property sets, or connection files. Use the Open method to create an AGSServerConnection based on a property set. The properties required in the property set depend on whether you are connecting directly to a GIS server over a LAN, or if you are connecting to a web service catalog. When connecting to a GIS server over the LAN, you need to set the machine property to be the name of the GIS server machine. When connecting to a web service catalog, you need to set the url property to the URL of the web service catalog.

If the web service catalog you are connecting to is secure and requires a username and password, include them in the property set as the user and password properties, respectively.