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IAGSServerObjectName Interface
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IAGSServerObjectName Interface

Provides access to members that supply server object name information.


Name Description
Read/write property AGSServerConnectionName The connection name object for this server object.
Read/write property Name Name of the server object.
Read/write property Type Type of the server object (MapServer or GeocodeServer).
Read/write property URL Server object URL (if connection type is internet).

Classes that implement IAGSServerObjectName

Classes Description
AGSServerObjectName A name object for ArcGIS Server Objects.


The IAGSServerObjectName interface lets you access the properties of an AGSServerObjectName which is The name object for an MapServer or GeocodeServer server object obtained through an AGSServerConnection. IAGSServerObjectName has properties for the server object's Name, Type and if connecting to a web service catalog, the URL.