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ICodedValueDomain Interface
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ICodedValueDomain Interface

Provides access to members that return and modify coded value domain values.


The ICodedValueDomain interface is used to define new coded value domains and to get information about existing domains.

When To Use

ICodedValueDomain is the interface on a CodedValueDomain object used to get and set the properties of a coded value domain object. For example, use the ICodedValueDomain interface when creating a new CodedValueDomain to add and remove valid coded values.


Name Description
Method AddCode Adds a (value, name) code.
Read-only property CodeCount The number of codes for the associated attribute.
Method DeleteCode Deletes a code with the specified value.
Read-only property Name The code name for the specified code index.
Read-only property Value The value for the specified code index.

Classes that implement ICodedValueDomain

Classes Description
CodedValueDomain Esri Attribute set constraint object.