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IConstructPoint2 Interface
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IConstructPoint2 Interface

Provides access to additional point construction methods.


Name Description
Method ConstructAlong Constructs a point distance units along the input curve.
Method ConstructAngleBisector Constructs a point on the bisector of the angle (from, through, to). When useAcuteAngle is false, the sign of distance will select a point right or left of (from, through, to). Otherwise, the sign of distance will select the acute/obtuse point.
Method ConstructAngleDistance Constructs a point at a specified angle (in radians) from the horizontal axis and a specified distance away from the input point.
Method ConstructAngleIntersection Constructs the point of intersection between two lines defined by the input points and angles (in radians).
Method ConstructAverage Constructs the geometric average of the input point collection. Optionally uses the specified attribute as a source of weights on the locations of the points.
Method ConstructDeflection Constructs a point in the polar coordinate system defined by baseLine and its 'from' point. The angle is in radians.
Method ConstructDeflectionIntersection Constructs the point of intersection of two rays with origins at the endpoints of the base line and the specified angles (in radians). If onRightSide is true, this work will be done to the right of the base line, otherwise to the left.
Method ConstructOffset Constructs a point distance units along the input curve and offset units perpendicularly away from it.
Method ConstructParallel Constructs a point distance units from start, parallel to the tangent at the point nearest to start on the (extended) segment.
Method ConstructPerpendicular Constructs a point 'distance' units from p and lying along the line normal to base and passing through p.
Method ConstructThreePointResection Constructs the point of observation from which two signed angles between three points were measured; returns an angle which can help establish the confidence of the observation location: A small angle indicates greater uncertainty in the location.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IConstructPoint Provides access to members that construct a point using other geometries and measures.

Classes that implement IConstructPoint2

Classes Description
Point A two dimensional point, optionally with measure, height, and ID attributes.