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IDataSourceCrawler Interface
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IDataSourceCrawler Interface

Provides access to members that control a data source crawler.


Name Description
Read-only property CanFilterByExpression Indicates whether the data source crawler can filter items by a string expression like a wild-card filter or SQL Where Clause.
Read-only property CanFilterByTime Indicates whether the data source crawler can filter items by time using the 'TimeExtent' property.
Method Crawl Traverses a data store and returns a enumeration of crawled data source items.
Read-only property CrawlerItemType The type of the data source item returned by this crawler.
Read/write property Filter A string expression that allows the data source crawler to filter out invalid items.
Read/write property TimeExtent The range of allowed time value associated with crawled data source items. Items with time stamps that don't lie within the specified range are filtered out. This value is used only if the crawler can filter by time as indicated by the 'CanFilterByTime' proper

Classes that implement IDataSourceCrawler

Classes Description
ArrayCrawler A crawler for an array of strings.
CsvCrawler A crawler for CSV files.
FileCrawler A crawler for files that reside on the file-system.
GenericObjectCrawler A crawler for objects.
NitfCrawler A crawler for NITF files.
PythonRasterCrawler A crawler for Python Raster Types
RasterDatasetCrawler A crawler for raster datasets.
ScientificDataCrawler A crawler for files containing scientific data.
TableCrawler A crawler for tables.