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IDatumTransformationInfo Interface
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IDatumTransformationInfo Interface

Provides common properties for GeoTransformation and HVCompositeDatumTransformation


Name Description
Method ErrorIfReferencesMissingData Returns failure if the transformation references missing data. The COM Error info will contain the grid name
Method GetSpatialReferences Returns spatial references.
Read-only property Name Returns name.

Classes that implement IDatumTransformationInfo

Classes Description
AbridgedMolodenskyTransformation Creates an Abridged Molodensky transformation.
CompositeGeoTransformation Performs a sequence of geographic transformations.
CoordinateFrameTransformation Creates a Coordinate Frame transformation.
GeocentricTranslation Creates a geocentric translation.
GEOCONTransformation Creates a GEOCON-based transformation.
Geographic2DOffsetTransformation Creates a geographic 2D offset transformation.
HARNTransformation Creates a HARN-based transformation.
HVCompositeDatumTransformation Horizonatal and Vertical datum transformation.
LongitudeRotationTransformation Creates a longitude rotation transformation.
MolodenskyBadekasTransformation Creates a Molodensky-Badekas transformation.
MolodenskyTransformation Creates a Molodensky transformation.
NADCONTransformation Creates a NADCON-based transformation.
NTv2Transformation Creates a NTv2-based transformation.
NullTransformation Creates a null geographic transformation.
PositionVectorTransformation Creates a Position Vector transformation.
UnitChangeTransformation Creates a unit change transformation.