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IFeatureDatasetExtensionContainer Interface
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IFeatureDatasetExtensionContainer Interface

Provides access to the collection of feature dataset extensions.


Name Description
Read-only property Extension Provides access to a feature dataset extension.
Read-only property ExtensionCount The number of feature dataset extensions.
Method FindExtension Provides access to the feature dataset extension that supports the specified dataset type.

Classes that implement IFeatureDatasetExtensionContainer

Classes Description


The IFeatureDatasetExtensionContainer interface provides access to the feature dataset extensions associated with a container.  The interface contains members that facilitate finding and using these extensions.  The IFeatureDatasetExtensionContainer interface should only be used with datasets contained within a Geodatabase. To access file based datasets, see the IWorkspaceExtensionManager


The following code demonstrates how to get a reference to the IFeatureDatasetExtension in order to create a network dataset.  It assumes you have a reference to the feature dataset (pFDS) in which the network dataset will be created and populated data element (pDENDS).

public void esriGeoDatabase__IFeatureDatasetExtensionContainer(IFeatureDataset featureDataset)
    // Cast to the IFeatureDatasetExtensionContainer interface
    IFeatureDatasetExtensionContainer featuredatasetextensionContainer = (IFeatureDatasetExtensionContainer)featureDataset;
    // Get a reference to the feature dataset extension for network datasets
    IFeatureDatasetExtension featuredatasetExtension = featuredatasetextensionContainer.FindExtension(esriDatasetType.esriDTNetworkDataset);
    IDatasetContainer2 datasetContainer2 = (IDatasetContainer2)featuredatasetExtension;