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IFeatureWorkspaceSchemaEdit Interface
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IFeatureWorkspaceSchemaEdit Interface

Provides access to altering the instance CLSID and the class extension CLSID.

When To Use

Use IFeatureWorkspaceSchemaEdit when you want to change the instance CLSID or extension CLSID for an object class, but are unable to open that object class.


Name Description
Method AlterClassExtensionCLSID Changes the class extension COM class associated with this database class.
Method AlterInstanceCLSID Changes the instance COM class associated with this database class.

Classes that implement IFeatureWorkspaceSchemaEdit

Classes Description
Workspace Workspace Object.


Casting to the IClassSchemaEdit interface on an instantiated object class allows an application to change the behavior associated with an object class by changing the GUIDs specifying the class instance and class extension. There are times where instantiation of an object class may fail, such as when one or more necessary class instances or class extensions referenced by the object class are not installed or available. In these cases the methods in IFeatureWorkspaceSchemaEdit can be used to alter the GUIDs specifying the class instance and class extensions for an object class, given only the name of the object class.