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IFields2 Interface
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IFields2 Interface

Provides access to members that return information about the fields.


Name Description
Read-only property Field The field at the specified index in the fields collection.
Read-only property FieldCount The number of fields in the fields collection.
Method FindField Finds the index of the named field in the fields collection.
Method FindFieldByAliasName Finds the index of the field with the alias name in the fields collection.
Method FindFieldIgnoreQualification Finds the index of a field given a particular SQLSyntax workspace.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IFields Provides access to members that return information about the fields.

Classes that implement IFields2

Classes Description
Fields Esri Fields object.


Some field names, although valid in ArcGIS, conflict with internal properties used by ArcSDE for storing geometries. A table created using one of these field names will have the field name qualified in the table to avoid potential ambiguity. A qualified field name is returned as "USERNAME.TABLENAME.FIELDNAME" by Oracle and "DATABASE.USERNAME.TABLENAME.FIELDNAME" by SQL Server.

The following 14 field names will be qualified in ArcSDE: FID, AREA, LEN, POINTS, NUMOFPTS, ENTITY, EMINX, EMINY, EMAXX, EMAXY, EMINZ, EMAXZ, MIN_MEASURE and MAX_MEASURE.

The IField.Name property of these fields will be qualified when retrieved from the dataset�s fields collection. Attempting to retrieve the index of a qualified field using IClass.FindField or IFields.FindField requires the developer to qualify the field name; IFields2.FindFieldIgnoreQualification will find a field based on it�s "given" name, regardless of whether or not it�s qualified.