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IGPMessage Interface
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IGPMessage Interface

Provides access to the properties of a Geoprocessor message.

When To Use

The IGPMessage interface returns a GPMessage object from an IGPMessages array, a collection of GPMessage objects. Messages are returned during the validating and executing of a geoprocessing tool.

Also refer to Building Geoprocessing Function Tools.


Name Description
Read/write property Description The description of the geoprocessing message.
Read/write property ErrorCode The error code for the geoprocessing message.
Method IsAbort Indicates if the message is an abort.
Method IsError Indicates if the message is an error.
Method IsInformational Indicates if the message is informative.
Method IsWarning Indicates if the message is a warning.
Read/write property Type The geoprocessing message type.

Classes that implement IGPMessage

Classes Description


The GPMessage object is composed of a message type, error code, and description. The message type can be ErrorWarning, or Informative.


See also IGPMessages