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IGPValue Interface
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IGPValue Interface

Provides access to members of a GPValue.

When To Use

The IGPValue interface provides access to the property and methods required to create and define a Value object.

Values are the actual inputs to a tool containing scalars or paths to the data.

An array of values is created, based on the same order of the parameter definiton of a geoprocessing tool. This array of values is then used as input to both the Validate and Execute methods of the tool.

A complete example to create a geoprocessing function tool, including the use of IGPValue, is available here: Building Geoprocessing Function Tools .

See also IGPDataType


Name Description
Read-only property DataType The data type of the value object.
Method Empty Clears the value object.
Method GetAsText Provides the value of the value object.
Method IsEmpty Indicates if the value object is empty.
Method SetAsText Provides the value of the value object with the given string value.

Classes that implement IGPValue

Classes Description
Field Esri Field object.
Index Esri Index object.
XMLIndex XML Index Object.
XMLIndexTag XML Index Tag Object.
XMLIndexTags XML Index Tags Collection Object.